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The future of images

Oliver Chanarin to Adam Broomberg

Only 8 artist proofs available.

This book takes the form of a letter from Chanarin to Broomberg. The phrases that appear in this book are mostly quotes by others; underlined in books, overheard on buses, on TV and in our conversations. They are words that refuse to be forgotten and that have become part of the narrative of their lives.

The photographs are mostly taken by their studio interns. Thank you all, especially Lucas Gabellini Fava.

"We all made a lot of sculptures out of peanuts and toothpicks over the last 10 years. It was our personal war against boredom. Then one day we noticed that the peanuts were disappearing at night while we were sleeping.

We had mice!"

- OC

First Edition published 2018
AHA! Books, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg

ISBN 978-91-984301-2-7 

You can have a look at the making of these artists proofs by clicking here.